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no tournaments in caldwell or nampa

this sucks. this is kinda where im stuck at and theres no where to play, and i only have one friend out here in my area that plays . . . hes my roommate. lol he bought a box to get back into magic so i did to and then we split a box of mirrodin boosters just to find out no card shops in the area hold tournaments anymore. unless someone knows something i dont? hopefully someone knows something i dont

well i officially have no one

well i officially have no one to play with now lol my room mate moved out and is currently being extremely anti social due to some personal issues in his life right now which is very frustrating anyone know of anything happening out here worth the time


It just so happens that I live in Nampa, and all of my gaming friends reside in Boise. Dewey's in the Karcher mall I here hosts magic on Wednesday, but I have yet to venture out and see if it's true. However, I live over near NNU and have transportation, so if you are ever bored, hit me up on facebook, Just do a search for Aaron Crumrine, and I can get your message more reliably. I'm usually free on Mon, Wed most frequently, so if you ever want to Play Magic, I wouldn't be too opposed to meeting you and playing a few rounds.

Nampa Magic pls.

I live in Nampa too.. I saw that place in Kacher let me know what's going on.. I live near NNU too.. Right now its time to prepare for GP Salt Lake it seems like.