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A couple drafts by Mr. Hodges

Here are some drafts Charlie sent me, one is a SOM draft and one is a saga draft for any old-timers looking looking to get a blast from the past. I think I might have to do a couple of these Saga drafts, it seems pretty fun. Feel free to post comments and I will have more content coming soon. Also if anybody wants to post anything to the front page, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to post it.

Both are 3-0

I've been on a pretty good run with my SoM drafts recently. I lost in the finals of another Urza's draft then lost first round. I never got any money rares, but I found out Rancor is worth 1.5, Cloud of Faeries is 1.05, Unearth is 0.4, and Dark Ritual is 0.5 tix to bots. There are quite a few valuable commons so I think I will get back into those. Good fun, the Nix Tix discount, and good return on cards drafted. The only down side is waiting for eight drafters, it can take a while so I usually have something to do while I wait.

Nice bombs

Got some good stuff in the Scars draft, I'm a fan of black/red. You good some nice removal to go with some decent creatures.

I've never drafted Saga/Legacy, so it was interesting to see your draft from a format I'm not really familiar with.

How did you do in those drafts?