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1st Place RRR Vampires

One of the coolest decks I’ve drafted. I felt safe with the splash and two mountains because I had the Oracles to help sort through the cards I drew. Vampires dominated and most of the other creature comboed with them in some way. I would have loved another Dread Drone, but never had a chance at one.

My decklist:
9 Swamp
7 Island
2 Mountain
Mortician Beetle
Prophetic Prism
Eel Umbra
3x Bloodthrone Vampire
2x Cadaver Imp
2x Pawn of Ulamog
2x Sea Gate Oracle
2x Domestication
Bala Ged Scorpion
Merfolk Skyscout
Dread Drone
Frostwind Invoker
Rapacious One
Ulamog’s Crusher
Heat Ray

Match 1, Game 1. Opponent drops Kiln Fiend, but misses his third land drop. I go Vampire, Oracle, Scopion his Fiend. He hits land his next two and drops Merfolk Seascout, which I Domesticate. He cusses me out.

Match 1, Game 2. He mulls to three and cusses me out some more.

Match 2, Game 1. He plays Nest Invader, I play Prism. He plays Bloodthrone Vampire, I play Oracle. He plays Kozilek’s Predator, I play Vampire and use Eel Umbra to kill his Vampire with mine. He plays Dreamstone Hedron, I play Dread Drone. I’m at 15. He puts Eldrazi Conscription on his Nest Invader, I sac a land and Prism and go down to 3. Next turn I play Pawn of Ulamog and a 2nd Vampire. I also get in for four with my Dread Drone. When he attacks with his Eldrazi Nest Invader I sac two more land, then I block with a Vampire, sac Vampire 2 and Oracle (2 spawns are created), then I sac those spawns plus Dread Drone’s spawns to make the Vampire a 13/13. I’m down to three land, a vampire, a dread drone, and a Pawn of Ulamog, but I feel pretty good. After combat he drops Artisan of Kozilek getting back his Nest Invader. I draw an island and scoop.

Match 2, Game 2. I know I need to beat him before he can getting any sort of Eldrazi presence so I go first and board in Nighthaze to swampwalk past his blockers with a giant vampire. I start with Mortician Beetle. Then third turn Oracle, finding a vampire. I steal his turn three Kelinore Bat with Domestication. His next play is a turn five Stomper Cub. I play Vampire 2, but get stuck with one swamp, two islands, and a mountain with Pawn of Ulamog, Dread Drone, and Nighthaze in hand. I have beat him down to 10. He drops a Sporecap Spider to stop the beats. Next turn I draw the third vampire! At this point I realize with so many threats I can just overwhelm him. When I attack with everything he block the Beetle with his Cub and a Vamp with his Spider so I sac an extra Vamp and an Oracle to pump both up to kill his blockers. He scoops next turn.

Match 2, Game 3. I get another quick Vampire and Oracle. He does his usual with Nest Invader, Predator, and Hatcher, but has nothing big to accelerate into. I am having mana issues and get another Oracle to dig for my fourth land, but then I get stuck there for several turns. I draw all three vampires, both Oracles, and a Pawn, but I have Dread Drone and Nighthaze in hand and I have to kill him before he gets his Conscription. I also draw both Cadaver Imps so I sac my Oracles to my Vamps, get them back, and keep digging. He has so many spawns that he can block forever so I just need enough guys to make my swampwalking vamp lethal. He sacs a Dreamstone Hedron to draw three, but still doesn’t find his Conscription. I get my fifth land, with the help of Pawn of Ulamog and Dread Drone I can easily sac enough guys to create a 19/19 Bloodthrone Vampire and swampwalk over for the win. Nighthaze ftw, brilliant sideboarding.

Match 3, Game 1. I had watched some of this guy’s replays after my first round ended so quickly. He had a W/G Aura Gnarlid deck. I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to beat him, but this game I had an amazing draw. I, of course, started with a turn 2 Vampire, followed by an Oracle. I had both my Domestications in hand. I knew he could pump his guys big enough that Domestication would fall off, but it didn’t matter because I had Vampires to sac his guys too. I used the first on a Makindi Griffin to keep the beats going. He used Prey’s Vengeance to force me to sac him. He then dropped a Totem Heart Beast, searched up a Bear Umbra and enchanted the Beast with a Spider Umbra. I Domesticated it and kept it on defense for a few turns. He did not want to waste his Bear Umbra on it so I just kept beating and eventually just killed him. He tried to race with an Aura Gnarlid that he put the Bear Umbra on, but it wasn’t big enough after I sacked the Hartebeast and took out two auras on the field.

Match 3, Game 2. I boarded out the Eel Umbra as the benefit wasn’t good enough when it helped his team too, I brought in the black Invoker since G/W can just get crushed by it. He had boarded in red, but I never saw any of it. His hand was very slow and after I Scorpioned his Overgrown Battlement and Domesticated his Kozilek Predator, the tempo swing was just too much for him to handle. After I got in super quick beats, I dropped the Bloodrite Invoker I boarded in. I only had seven land, but I used Merfolk Skyscout to untap one and used the ability during combat to put him at one. I had him outnumbered on creatures and he only had W open so I knew it was over.

Overall, I really liked this deck. It had so much synergy with the Bloodthrone Vampire theme. Vampire plus Pawn of Ulamog is so nice, especially when the guys you are sacrificing already provided value like Sea Gate Oracle and Cadaver Imp. I didn’t have much removal, but I never really needed it. I never cast Rapacious One and usually Ulamog’s Crusher was too slow to matter, but they both fit well enough. I always had a vampire or three so I didn’t want to sac my guys to accelerate. I just used them to kill my opponent. My deck was so good I felt fine playing 18 land since I had three colors and only one prism for fixing, but I still stalled on mana three times, luckily it didn’t end up costing me.

ugh RoE

I want some M11 drafts. Sorry this is old news now. M11 prereleases come to Magic Online this weekend and next week everything will be available. I plan on practicing alot for GP: Portland so I'll throw a few of those on here.