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Vindication Baby! M11 Draft U/B Control 1st Place 4-3-2-2

The reason for the outburst in the title is because I have been on the biggest downswing in M11. I won this draft with a pretty good deck, although I had no creatures. I started out 1st picking Mind Control which is probably my favorite card in the set. The draft was pretty interesting, and not so cut and dry. I could have made some different picks, but I think it would have ended up a good deck, even with a few different choices along the way.

MODO M11 Release Event - Video Edition

This is a M11 Sealed Event I did on Magic Online last Thursday. I created a video of my deck building process with some narration. I also created videos for all my matches as I had some pretty interesting games. There are certain insights on a couple different cards that I comment on throughout the videos. One of these cards being inspired charge. Many people I talk to don't really like the card, and generally give me the "it's okay" line. This card seems to always be very good for me and won me some games this event. I also thought about boarding out Sleep against decks with lots of removal spells, like the B/R deck I lost to in the finals. All the videos are posted below with me narrating them. Note: After pressing play, you may want to change from 360p to 480p, 720p, or 1080p to see the cards better.

M11 Release Event on Magic Online

Here is a sealed pool I opened for one of the M11 pre-release events on Magic Online. The black and red were really horrible, but the white, green, and blue all seemed playable. I will post the list after everybody has had a chance to look this over and come up with their own builds. Pete has posted his build also below. Here is an image of the entire card pool

GPT Portland - Twin Falls, Idaho

I was able to top 8 with this pool, and thought I had a great shot at winning the whole thing. I felt I got hosed in the semi's, and was disappointed to not have three byes. Congrats to Steve Canty for winning those. I was really disappointed with this pool at first because the rares were just so bad! 2x Leyline, 2x Land, Elvish Archdruid and Camptivating Vampire. Not to mention 3x Incite, 2x Pyretic Ritual, and 2x Goldenglow Moth. After briefly looking through it, I thought I was doomed! But upon sorting it out, it was not as terrible as I initially thought and figured I could top 8 given the small field of 17-18.

M11 Draft BR Vamps Tons of fun

I really didn't do the best draft but I wanted to show a fun theme deck in M11 that you can draft very easily no matter what draft. It is Black Red speed Vampires. The main cards that you need in this deck are Vampires, Act of Treason, and Reassembling Skeleton. Since the skeleton is an uncommon you will end up drafting them before you really would like to. If you don't they will be taken by Green/Black Ramp decks as an efficient blocker.

GP Portland Grand Prix Trial - M11 Sealed

My rares were pretty bad as I opened no bombs. There is nothing worse than getting Silence or leylines and it seems like I always get Elvish Archdruid. Oh well. I'll start off with green because it had a lot of mana fix and some solid creatures including Garruk's Packleader with lots of three power creatures, so I was pretty sure I would play green. Red had three good burn spells including Fireball. This pool seemed like it just didn't have enough solid creatures.

M11 Prerelease Victory!!! Brandon, Florida

Since I am down here in Florida for a month I decided to look for game stores online so I could find a place to play. Down here are are a bunch of stores and they even had midnight prerelease tournaments. Unfortunately for me the game store is not close to my grandpa's house. (Nothing is close to my grandpas house)