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Booster Draft

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Booster Draft

Blue/Green Fat - M11 Draft

Here is a draft I did, that I thought turned out pretty well. I may just be putting this up here because I don't know if I am just running bad or really suck. Maybe you guys could look it over and let me know if there is anything too awful with the way I drafted. I lost round 1 to a b/u/w deck with royal assassin and the redirect archon guy. He had 4 squadron hawk which turned out to be really annoying. I think maybe this is me just running bad, as I already busted out of the online PTQ today with the worst M11 sealed pool. I wish MODO saved it so I could post it.

M11 Draft BR Vamps Tons of fun

I really didn't do the best draft but I wanted to show a fun theme deck in M11 that you can draft very easily no matter what draft. It is Black Red speed Vampires. The main cards that you need in this deck are Vampires, Act of Treason, and Reassembling Skeleton. Since the skeleton is an uncommon you will end up drafting them before you really would like to. If you don't they will be taken by Green/Black Ramp decks as an efficient blocker.

1st Place RRR Vampires

One of the coolest decks I’ve drafted. I felt safe with the splash and two mountains because I had the Oracles to help sort through the cards I drew. Vampires dominated and most of the other creature comboed with them in some way. I would have loved another Dread Drone, but never had a chance at one.

RRR G/u/r Tokens

I was so happy with this draft. My deck looked very powerful, good early and late, plenty of acceleration and fixing for my three removal spells. I couldn't decide what to cut for an 18th land, but figured with Prism, Battlement, 2x Spasm, and Awakening Zone I wouldn't have a problem casting my late game. I didn't have that many creatures to throw Drake Umbra onto, but even on a spawn it would make a 3/4 flyer so I played two.

2nd Place RRR Draft - U/B Levelers

Triple ROE draft has really been making me think lately. I always think I could have got a better deck with a couple different picks. This one could have gone a lot of ways, so I hope I can get some other opinions on this. I ended up going U/B levelers and it looked pretty good by the time I was done, but the deck seems like it can have many different configurations.

1st Place RRR Draft - R/W Walls

I went to record my first draft for this website last night, but unfortunately I didn’t enable the recorder until after I had started so I missed it. I came out with such a hilarious deck I had to write about it even without the picks to show.
It started with a Rage Nimbus because my pack didn’t have anything amazing in it and I remembered the discussion on this site about the Nimbus. The pack also had a Warmonger’s Chariot that might just table.

1st Place RRR Draft - B/R Tokens

This is the first Rise of Eldrazi Draft I have done online, and probably the fifth I have ever done. I am not really comfortable yet with this format, and struggled a bit while drafting this deck. Luckily this is a 4-3-2-2. I really didn't like my first pick Rage Nimbus because I wasn't sure how good it was, and I am passing lust for war. I started to get more confident as I picked good black card after good black card. Read the comments on picks by pressing the green quotes picture below the draft picks to get commentary on each pick.