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Booster Draft

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Booster Draft

Innistrad Draft: B/R Beats

In this draft I tried my latest strategy of just forcing blue, but this time got cut hard and just couldn't ignore the signals any longer! A late into the Maw of Hell, Rage Thrower, and Moan of the Unhallowed put me into red/black. My picks one and two from pack three were bombs: Instigator Gang and Charmbreaker Devils. I had one game where I was returning Moan of the Unhallowed every turn but couldn't attack with my hoard as I was facing down 3x Scaab Goliath due to Cackling Counterpart. Eventually I started recurring Into the Maw of Hell and got there with my zombie hoard. Here is the draft and the decklist, I ended up 2-1 after losing to a G/W deck with Manor Gargoyle, Gavony Township, and the nail in the coffin was Moment of Heroism to throw off my math.

Innistrad Draft: U/R Burning Vengeance

This is probably the craziest Innistrad draft I have had yet. Usually I don't tend to stray far from the beaten path, but I have wanted to try out Burning Vengeance for awhile now and this draft gave me that opportunity. Ghoulcaller's Bell was absolutely insane in this deck, even when I didn't have Burning Vengeance. I played 3x Bell and 1x Curse in the main, but never won by decking. Every time I ended up winning with flyers before they ever got decked. I passed up on a few Dream Twist which really would have made this deck over the top, especially if I could have grabbed another curse. I ended up winning the draft fairly easily which came as a surprise to me. It didn't look that great, but played really well.

Don't Draft Drunk #1 - Thran Golem FTW

Welcome to the first edition of Don't Draft Drunk. The series where drinks are flowing and drafts are going. After a typical day at the office, I decided it was about time to complete this trade with ABU I had been thinking about. I recently picked up some great old school stuff and figured I get could some decent store credit for some Urza's Saga stuff. After completing the trade I opted not to draft, but to hit the nearby Buffalo Wildwings for some tasty treats. I also had a punch card for a free beer. I'm already running good! Usually Monson and I would hit the B-Dubbs before Thursday drafts, but with him in class I was on this mission alone. In the words of the great Morgan Freeman "I guess I just miss my friend."

MSS Drafts by Monson, Kyle D

Here are a couple drafts I did recently. I left each draft thinking my deck was pretty bad but I ended up 3-0ing them both. Signaling is pretty difficult in MSS due to the high amount of bombs that will always cause an erratic shift in colors, that and people might just be stupid at times, including myself.

Is there anything you guys would have done differently? There were a lot of close picks I felt and it seems I could have had a sick infect deck each draft if I forced it.

MSS Drafts by Tim Z.

I talked to Pete and he wanted some here I am delivering. The deck went 3-0 in an 8-4, had no trouble. If you think I did something wrong feel free to leave a comment. The play of the night was activating the coating on the 4/4 angel to enable metalcraft and shroud off a mind control.

Sick Poison ... Lost in 2nd Round :(

Here is a sick poison deck I drafted which I thought would easily crush the tournament. I lost match 2 because of bloodshot trainee with Trigon of Rage and just couldn't get there. I lost game 2 because of Embersmith. Some removal would have been nice to deal with those creatures, but once they came out, I just got crushed. Better luck next time I guess. My comments are posted along my picks, and some were really hard. Any input would be appreciated.

SOM U/B that could have been better

This is a pretty solid U/B deck I recently drafted, but think I made some definite mispicks. I didn't have any direction, and think it could have turned out a little bit better. I thought about switching to red when 2nd pack I got a 2nd pick hoard smelter dragon. I ended up not being able to play it though. Not sure if I should have just passed it.

A couple drafts by Mr. Hodges

Here are some drafts Charlie sent me, one is a SOM draft and one is a saga draft for any old-timers looking looking to get a blast from the past. I think I might have to do a couple of these Saga drafts, it seems pretty fun. Feel free to post comments and I will have more content coming soon. Also if anybody wants to post anything to the front page, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to post it.

SOM Booster Draft - Needing Advice

Here is a draft I recently did that probably could have been better had I made a couple different picks. I think I was confused on whether I was a metalcraft deck or not. I lost round 1 to a pretty good poison deck. Both games I lost was because of a giant Untamed Might, that card is so good in poison! I think this deck needed a myr or two also. Any advice would be appreciated. BTW, PTQ this weekend!

Vindication Baby! M11 Draft U/B Control 1st Place 4-3-2-2

The reason for the outburst in the title is because I have been on the biggest downswing in M11. I won this draft with a pretty good deck, although I had no creatures. I started out 1st picking Mind Control which is probably my favorite card in the set. The draft was pretty interesting, and not so cut and dry. I could have made some different picks, but I think it would have ended up a good deck, even with a few different choices along the way.